Class Descriptions

Flow and Meditation

A 75 minute class that finds the calm and grounding practice of flowing asanas with the second half of class dedicated to meditation and calming the soul. Wind down your busy day with a perfect blend of stretching and movement with relaxing meditation. All Levels


A 60 minute class that is a combination of Pilates and Yoga "inspired" movements. This upbeat class is a musically driven workout that is easy on the joints and delivers strength, balance ,agility and flexibility. All Levels

Yoga Basics

A gentle beginner to moderate level class for those seeking to ease their way into Yoga or those with prior experience in need of a more mild, relaxing and restorative workout. In this class we focus on the essential postures to increase back and hip flexibility and smoothly develop core and limb strength with the proper attitude of a Yoga student. Learning to synchronize body and breath and modulate the mind's reaction to stress are the fundamental tools every person can benefit from. Here we take it slow and steady to find that place of strength within stillness from which true inspiration and joy flow. The journey to peace begins with one simple step in the right direction. 

Vinyasa Yoga

This flow-based class is appropriate for students of all levels. Enjoy a mindful and fluid flow of poses with a focus on the breath designed to help improve flexibility and balance, develop strength and reduce stress. 

Yoga for Athletes

This Yoga class is designed for the athlete in all of us. For those days when an active recovery day is needed, this class combines physical movement with breath. Reduce stress and relieve tight, over-used muscles. Focus on opening tense shoulders and hip flexors and strengthening your core through Yoga postures to give your body the TLC it deserves. This class is particularly good for runners, CrossFitters, weight lifters or athletes in any other sport that gives your body a beating!

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is all about letting your body be supported by soft fabric, suspended from the ceiling, taking your body thru various stretches and yoga poses . Using the hammock as a prop to move thru stretches, supported poses and inversions allows you to improve your floor practice.  Open your mind while building flexibility, range of  motion, and strength in the body.  The hammock uses your body weight and gravity, either by being partially or fully supported, to realign and create space without compression of the joints or spine. This style of yoga is relaxing, exhilarating, uplifting and athletic. The hammock is low hanging and supports the weight of even the largest yogi. Come learn a new way to improve, explore, refine and advance traditional poses both on the floor and in the air. Instructors have been Unnata certified.

*Rules for Aerial: Please arrive 15 minutes before class to get your hammock set and please pre register on line to make sure there is room, limited hammocks available. Do not assume there will be an open hammock. Please wear clothes that do not have zippers, buttons or sharp edges that might catch the fabric and tear. Also be mindful of what you eat or drink before coming to be upside down! Please let your instructor know of any medical problems you might have such as Glaucoma, hyper or hypotension, arterial stenosis, hernia, spinal instabilities. Also let your instructor know if you are on any blood thinners or are pregnant. No jumping or spinning the hammocks. Please wear a shirt that covers your underarms, be aware of lotions, jewelry, fingernails, or excessive sweat.

Power Yoga

60 minutes of continuous asanas that are designed to strengthen and heat. A class that combines arm balances and inversions with challenging flowing postures. All Levels

Sunrise Yoga

6am class designed to get your day moving and flowing. Stretch and strengthen the body through a Vinyasa flow and have time to get home and ready for your workday. All Levels

Private Sessions

Available upon request. Please speak with Denise Head for more information.